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Modeling of the Gila Gravity Main Canal for Automation - Yuma Area


 Date: 2005
 Location: Yuma Mesa Irrigation and Drainage District
 Sponsors:   U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region, Yuma Area Office


ITRC modeled two structures:

  1. The "Y" check structure that services Yuma Mesa Irrigation and Drainage District
  2. The 3 radial gates on Imperial Dam, for flow control on a new flume


ITRC designed the optimized control for the underflow "Y" check structure on the Gila Gravity Main Canal, about 79,000 feet downstream of the Imperial Dam, and made recommendations for operation and hardware. ITRC continues to work with the Yuma Area Office and Yuma Mesa Irrigation & Drainage District on the specification of the control and monitoring hardware, specification of the control software and monitoring requirements, and development of construction drawings for the Replogle flume.


Gila Gravity Main Canal

Modernized structure on Gila Gravity Main Canal