Examples of ITRC Projects

Cal Poly has a long tradition of providing pragmatic irrigation training and technical expertise to industry, farmers, irrigation districts, and state/federal agencies.  Focus areas include:


  • Irrigation projects (irrigation district modernization, water balances, river basin return flow issues, SCADA, canal automation, pump automation, flow measurement, energy consumption, and efficiency);

  • Farm irrigation (drip, surface, and sprinkler irrigation; drainage; salinity; energy consumption; irrigation evaluations; evapotranspiration; pumps);

  • Landscape (primarily development of urban water conservation programs).


ITRC is active throughout the western U.S. and the world in irrigation research, technical assistance, and environmental/energy assessments.  For example:


  • ITRC has numerous active irrigation district modernization projects throughout California, as well as in Washington, northern Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, and Oklahoma.  Most involve some aspect of energy conservation or environmental improvement while simultaneously modernizing irrigation districts.

  • The World Bank, FAO/UN, UNDP, and others fund ITRC to provide expertise on irrigation modernization in China, Philippines, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, India, Pakistan, Mexico, and many other countries.

  • Manufacturers hire ITRC for a wide variety of projects ranging from testing of polymers in irrigation on field trials, to determining friction on large diameter pipes, to examining the performance of new sprinklers and drip tape under both field and laboratory conditions.

  • ITRC has been a major innovator in water-related peak load reduction and electrical energy conservation for the California Energy Commission, utilities, and others.

  • ITRC actively participates in various water-related technical sessions and workshops of professional organizations such as the US Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, and the American Society of Civil Engineers.


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