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Training and Education

ITRC specializes in the development of high-quality training programs for agricultural irrigation and drainage, plus landscape irrigation. Dozens of courses are conducted annually, both on campus and off. 

Rapid Appraisals

International training class


Short courses and training are available for design and management aspects on diverse topics, including:

  • Canal Automation
  • Row Crop Drip Irrigation
  • Microspray Design
  • Fertigation
  • Surface Irrigation
  • Certified Irrigator Program


ITRC also provides:

  • Classes for support of the Certification Programs of The Irrigation Association.
  • The "California Friendly Landscape Training Program" in Spanish throughout California
  • On-Farm Irrigation
  • Irrigation Districts - for Engineers, Managers, or Water Operators
  • Other training courses tailor-made to fit specific needs.


Online Classes

Sample online class page

ITRC is also expanding its selection of online training courses. We offer both 100% online and 50-50 hybrid courses that combine web-based teaching with short-duration, hands-on laboratories at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Our online courses combine the resources of online training videos, tutorials, reading material, and interactive assignments.  This new setting allows participants to access the theoretical materials for each subject from home and at their convenience before participating in the on-site field workshops. We currently offer a variety of online and hybrid course series:


For a complete list of specific courses and dates, please visit our class descriptions or calendar.