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Combination structure

Combination structure (center gate plus long-crested weirs) under construction in Mexicali Valley 2012.

Since its formation, ITRC staff have been involved in international irrigation projects with private companies, The World Bank, IPTRID, NATO, FAO of the UN, UNDP, and various governments. Examples include:

  • International training regarding irrigation project modernization. Such training has been provided to countries such as the Philippines, Mexico, India, Thailand, Kazahkstan, Vietnam, China.
  • Development of irrigation project evaluation procedures with the intent of defining modernization needs, and implementation of the procedures in countries such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Morocco, Egypt, Tajikistan, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and China
  • Assistance with design and specifications of large farm irrigation projects, such as center pivots for sugar cane in Peru, drip/micro on bananas in Honduras.
  • Design and construction implementation assistance for canal modernization projects such as the Mexicali Valley in Mexico.
  • Assistance with water balances and questions of irrigation efficiency in a variety of countries such as Chile, Mexico, and Tajikistan
  • Training in the US for specialists from over a dozen countries.


ITRC staff also participate with international colleagues in strategy sessions, research, and professional publications.


See ITRC Report No. R 98-001, Modern Water Control and Management Practices in Irrigation: Impact on Performance or ITRC Paper No. P 06-001, Modern Water Control and Management Practices in Irrigation: Methodology and Criteria for Evaluating the Impact on Performance for discussion of what levels of water delivery service are presently provided by irrigation projects having some aspect of modernization; what hardware and software features impact those levels of service; whether modern water control and management practices in irrigation make a positive difference in performance; and what universal lessons can be learned and applied.


Canal lining with geomembrane covered with concrete – Mexicali Valley 2012