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ITRC Report No. R 07-001

Flap Gate

Sponsor: California Energy Commission
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ITRC began to investigate early designs of Flap Gates in 1992. The gates originated in The Netherlands in the 1940s, but no design criteria were available. ITRC developed an Excel design program that uses a combination of theory and coefficients from field results – and has continued to improve the program almost every year. District staff at Turlock ID and Chowchilla WD provided valuable feedback with early models. This report includes information on design, installation, maintenance, water conservation and efficiency, cost, use, and benefits.


ITRC Flap Gates are typically used with a concrete counterweight in situations where the gates are wide (36" to 72") and relatively shallow (12" to 24").  This is currently the most commonly used option. The files on this page contain all of the information needed to construct an ITRC Flap Gate with a concrete ballast. 


To download the design program in Microsoft Excel, click on the link below.


Additional necessary construction information is contained in the following memos:


Irrigation Training & Research Center.  2007.  Flap Gate.  ITRC, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California, USA. ITRC Report No. R 07-001. 4 pp.

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