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Advances in PLC-Based Canal Automation





ITRC Report No.

P 02-001



13 pages



Charles M. Burt and Xianshu Piao



July 9-12, 2002 USCID conference on Energy, Climate, Environment and Water - Issues and Opportunities for Irrigation and Drainage.  San Luis Obispo, CA






A short history of canal automation is given.  PLC-based canal automation is relatively new.  Advances in PLC-based canal automation are listed.  Also listed are some of the remaining challenges.  Recent advances have been made in understanding unsteady flow simulation procedures, the form of the control algorithms used, the tuning procedures for these control algorithms, and the field programming of the algorithms into PLCs.  The experiences of the Cal Poly Irrigation Training & Research Center (ITRC) in automating a variety of canals with upstream and downstream control are given.



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