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Conversion to Groundwater Pumping with Drip/Micro Irrigation





ITRC Report No.

R 08-001



28 pages

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Full Reference

Burt, C.M. and M. Soto.  2008.  Conversion to Groundwater Pumping with Drip/Micro Irrigation Irrigation Training & Research Center.  California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California, USA.






Twenty-one irrigation districts in the Central Valley reported "conversion acres".  Conversion acres are those on which farmers used only groundwater for drip/micro irrigation although surface irrigation water was available.  The dominant factor that influences the conversion was the lack of flexible water delivery service to fields.  The extra energy required for groundwater pumping on the 73,000 conversion acres is estimated at 76,000,000 kW-hr/yr.



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