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Conceptualizing Irrigation Project Modernization Through Benchmarking and the Rapid Appraisal Process





ITRC Report No.

P 03-002



23 pages



Charles M. Burt and Stuart Styles



Irrigation and Drainage 53(2): 145-154.  Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. (






Benchmarking is defined as a systematic process for achieving continued improvement in the irrigation sector through comparisons with relevant and achievable internal or external goals, norms, and standards.  The three aspects of benchmarking are: evaluation of technical indicators (both internal and external); appraisal of the system processes; and an evaluation of service to users and their satisfaction with that service.  The authors have incorporated all three components into a training program in which project staff learn the concepts of modernization and then evaluate their own project in a systematic Rapid Appraisal Process (RAP).  This paper will present the concepts of the RAP.



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