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ITRC Paper No. P 99-006.  Stuart Styles, Charles M. Burt, Mike Lehmkuhl, and John Sweigard (Pattterson Irrigation District)

Case Study: Modernization of Patterson Irrigation District

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ITRC has been working in conjunction with the Patterson Irrigation District (PID) on modernization of the district facilities.  Modernization of the facilities have included unsteady flow simulation of the first pool in the main canal system, a new SCADA system, a large Replogle flume in the first main canal pool, remote monitoring of water levels, downstream control of the canal, the use of variable frequency drives for the pump stations, and design of flow control/measurement strategies for the heads of the lateral canals. This paper will provide the basic guidelines and components for a phased approach to this on-going modernization effort.


Styles, S.W., C.M. Burt, M. Lehmkuhl, and J. Sweigard. 1999. Case Study: Modernization of Patterson Irrigation District. Presented at USCID Workshop on Modernization of Irrigation Water Delivery Systems (October 17-21, 1999) in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. 15 pp.

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