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ITRC Paper No. P 09-002.  Stuart W. Styles and Bryan Busch

Evaluation of Magnetic Meters for Irrigation Pipeline Measurement

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Magnetic flow meters are used to measure the flow rate of a liquid in a closed pipeline. This type of meter is becoming increasingly popular for measurement with agriculture applications. Electromagnetic meters were tested by ITRC in pipelines located less than the 10 diameters upstream of disturbances with good results. Results show that location guidelines for placing a magnetic meter can be decreased even for turbulent conditions. This paper will discuss how a magnetic flow meter works, advantages and disadvantages of this type of meter, test results, and new guidelines for field applications.


Styles, S.W. and B. Busch. 2009. Evaluation of Magnetic Meters for Irrigation Pipeline Measurement. Styles, S. and Busch, B. (2009) Evaluation of Magnetic Meters for Irrigation Pipeline Measurement. World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2009: pp. 1-8.

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