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ITRC Paper No. P 97-002.  Charles M. Burt, Stuart W. Styles, M. Fidell, and E. Reifsnider

Irrigation District Modernization for the Western U.S.

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Many irrigation districts throughout the western U.S. have been actively engaged in modernization efforts.  In most cases, the modernization improves the level of water delivery service (flexibility and reliability) provided to farmers.  In many cases, the impetus and/or funding has come from external sources.  These external sources include persistent droughts, an opportunity to sell water which is conserved and transferred, the need to increase in-stream flow rates by reducing diversions from rivers, and the need to improve downstream water quality by decreasing the drainage outflows.


Burt, C.M., S.W. Styles, M. Fidell, and E. Reifsnider. 1997. Irrigation District Modernization for the Western U.S. Proceedings of Theme A - Managing Water: Coping with Scarcity and Abundance. 27th Congress of the International Association for Hydraulic Research. pp. 677-682. 6 pp.

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