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Case Study: Modernization of the Government Highline Canal





ITRC Report No.

P 99-005



15 pages



Stuart Styles (ITRC), Charles M. Burt (ITRC), Ram Dhan Khalsa (USBR), and Robert Norman (USBR)



Case Studies session at the USCID Workshop on Modernization of Irrigation Water Delivery Systems (October 17-21, 1999) in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.






The Government Highline Canal Modernization Study was completed to evaluate options for reducing the flow rate requirement of the Government Highline Canal during the late Summer and Fall water delivery months.  The intent was to develop a design for which Colorado River diversions could be better matched to on-farm demands.  The two primary challenges associated with reducing diversions are that (i) at low canal flows many turnouts do not have sufficient pressure, and (ii) it is difficult to schedule diversions to match deliveries.



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