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ITRC Paper No. P 09-001.  Charles M. Burt, Sierra Orvis, and Nadya Alexander

Canal Seepage Reduction by Soil Compaction (2)

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Simple in-situ vibratory soil compaction of earth lined canals was tested to determine the impact on seepage losses. Commercial equipment was used for vibratory compaction of long sections of five irrigation district earthen canals. Ponding tests were conducted before and after compaction. When the sides and bottoms of the canals were compacted, seepage reductions of about 90% were obtained; reductions of 16-31% were obtained when only sides were compacted.


Burt, C.M., S. Orvis, and N. Alexander. 2010. Canal Seepage Reduction by Soil Compaction. J. Irrig. Drain. Eng. 136, 479 (2010). 13 pp.

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