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ITRC Facilities - Building 08a

The main ITRC office consists of 4,000 square feet of office space for faculty, graduation student and student assistants, a training room, and storage space.  Offices are equipped with excellent communications, computers, and peripheral equipment, including a large-scale plotter.  ITRC provides a desk and computer access for all water graduate students, and for undergraduate students who work for ITRC.   


Building 08a includes seven state-of-the-art teaching laboratories used by Cal Poly BRAE classes and for ITRC projects.  These labs contain facilities and equipment for building, testing, and implementing a wide variety of engineering projects. 


      Lab 1 - Agricultural Mechanics

      Lab 2 - Water Lab

      Lab 3 - Electricity and Electronics Lab

      Lab 4 - Testing, Open Floor and Advanced Computing

      Lab 5 - Engines, Energy and Fluid Power

      Lab 6 - Construction, Fabrication

      Lab 7 - Machining, Fabrication


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