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Irrigation System Evaluations


Sponsored by the California Department of Water Resources and Fred and Ginny Hamisch 

Online Portion:  Continuous

Hands-On Class 1: June 19-21, 2023, located at Cal Poly (8 AM start)

Hands-On Class 2: June 21-23, 2023, located in the San Joaquin Valley


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Cost (for online portion only): $250


The online portion of ITRC’s new hybrid online/hands-on course presents the theories and procedures of drip/micro irrigation system evaluations through videos, tutorials, and quizzes in conjunction with textbook and online reading material. Students can register at any time until two weeks prior to the first hands-on short course, and progress through the material at their own pace. Final exam required for Irrigation Association CEU credit.


The online class provides background information about drip/micro irrigation system evaluation procedures through videos and tutorials designed to help get inexperienced participants up to speed before attending ISE Class I. Although registration in the online portion is required to attend Evaluation Classes 1 and 2, completion of the online class or final exam is not required for attendance. ITRC will keep the online course active for 60 days after the training if participants would like to complete it after the classes. Those who do pass the final exam will be eligible for 10 hours of continuing education credits for certain professional certifications, such as through the Irrigation Association.


Note: This course uses the ITRC textbook Drip and Micro Irrigation Design and Management for Trees, Vines, and Field Crops. Click here to download a free PDF of the book.


Sponsored by the Irrigation Association, California DWR, and Fred and Ginny Hamisch


Evaluation Class 1: Theory and Laboratory Practice of Evaluations (at Cal Poly)

Free (with enrollment in online portion)

June 19-21, 2023

Evaluation Class 1This first class is ITRC's traditional comprehensive 2 1/2 day class which combines classroom (50%) and outdoor laboratory (50%) activities.  Efficiency definitions and evaluation techniques are emphasized, ranging from how to take a pressure measurement to what specific measurements are needed for evaluation of six distinct irrigation methods (furrow, border strip, hand move/side roll sprinkler, linear move sprinkler, undertree sprinkler, and drip/micro). These systems can be "tuned up" to conserve water and power, and to maintain adequate surface water and groundwater qualities. The techniques and programs covered are the standard used for DWR-funded evaluation projects throughout California. Note: Although completion of the online materials is not required for attendance, instructors will assume participants have gone through at least some of the online materials prior to the class.

Evaluation Class 2: Field Evaluation of Drip/Micro Systems (San Joaquin Valley)

Free (with enrollment in online portion)

June 21-23, 2023

Evaluation Class 2This second class is a 2 1/2 day class where we will travel to sites in the San Joaquin Valley and perform the entire evaluations on 2 fields. The emphasis will be on performing the field evaluations for drip and microspray irrigation systems on trees/vines. This class will allow for more extensive field training to help with the comprehension of the materials from the first class.  It is highly recommended that those attending this field session attend Class 1 or have field experience doing irrigation evaluations. Note: Participants are responsible for their own transportation, hotel, and food expenses.


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