Evaluation of Existing Agricultural Nitrate Control Programs

This site is intended as a resource for background information and updates for the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Nitrogen Task Force Expert Panel.



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California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA)
Nitrogen Tracking and Reporting Task Force



The following links are taken from the CDFA website.



Presentations and Systems Considered (Appendix B of final report – please note the presentations below are not listed in any particular order including order of importance)

  1. Doug Patteson, Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board
    Dairy Nutrient Planning
  2. Parry Klassen, East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition
    Nitrogen Management Approach
  3. Angela Schroeter, Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board
    Data Management and Reporting
  4. Larry Wilhoit PhD, California Department of Pesticide Regulation
    Pesticide Use Reporting System
  5. Amadou Ba PhD, CDFA
    Fertilizing Materials Tonnage Reporting
  6. Krijn Poppe MSc, LEI Wageningen UR
    Dutch Mineral Accounting System Minus
  7. Thomas Harter PhD, University of California, Davis
    N Tracking Analysis to Estimate Groundwater Loading
  8. Doug Parker PhD, University of California Institute for Water Resources
    Nutrient Reporting In Maryland
  9. Edward J. Hard, CDFA / Richard Ferguson PhD, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
    Nebraska’s Central Platte Valley Groundwater Management Program
  10. David Zoldoske EdD, California State University, Fresno
    Wateright Online Irrigation Scheduling
  11. Joel Kimmelshue PhD, Land IQ
    Consideration of a Nitrate Hazard Index for Reporting and Tracking
  12. Tim Hartz PhD, University of California, Davis
    CropManage Software for Irrigation and Nitrogen Management
  13. Hank Giclas, Western Growers Association
    Performance Metrics for Specialty Crops: A Common Yardstick


For questions, please contact Dr. Amrith Gunasekara, Science Advisor to the Secretary,
at 916-654-0433 or EcoSysServices@cdfa.ca.gov.