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:: Photo Gallery - Student Summer Jobs and Field Experience ::

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Drip system evaluation


Near Visalia


Drip irrigation class



Lisa Tenbrink and Chris Hinds evaluating a drip system   Robin Gamble and Todd Weddle with Dr. Burt near Visalia   Sarah Herman helping with a drip irrigation class


Valerie Dawe in Bucayao, Philippines with Dr. Burt


Thad Barsotti in Vietnam with Dr. Styles
SCADA programming
  Sprinkler evaluations


Dissipator plate evaluation


Lid installation at WDF
Bryan Busch programming a new Doppler flow meter   Summer job evaluating sprinklers in Hermiston, Oregon   Omar Reveles installing a demonstration Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system


Matt Reichmuth evaluating the operation of a new dissipator plate


Installing new concrete lid at ITRC Water Resources Facility