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ITRC Paper No. P 13-002.  Stuart W. Styles, Brandon Downing and Walter Winder

Unique Replogle Flume Installations at the Truckee Carson Irrigation District

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The Water Measurement Program (WMP) for Truckee Carson Irrigation District (TCID) began in 1997, when ITRC was asked to develop a volumetric measurement plan for TCID. This program was intended to develop and install reasonably accurate turnout delivery measurement techniques in the district. As part of the WMP, TCID was required to install a number of new open-channel measurement devices. TCID opted for the Replogle flume as its primary flow measurement device using the newly developed WinFlume computer program.


Styles, S.W., B. Downing, and W. Winder. 2013. Unique Replogle Flume Installations at the Truckee Carson Irrigation District. USCID Seventh International Conference on Irrigation and Drainage: Using 21st Century Technology to Better Manage Irrigation Water Supplies.  Phoenix, Arizona.  April 16-19, 2013. 11 pp.

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