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ITRC Paper No. P 95-003.  Charles M. Burt, T.S. Strelkoff, and J.L. Deltour

Response of Controlled Canals to Downstream Withdrawals

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Most research on downstream control of canals has dealt with the problem of selecting and calibrating a suitable algorithm which can dictate gate movements, with the objectives of achieving a rapid and stable recovery of the downstream water level in the case of any deviation of that water level from a desired target depth.  This paper addresses another equally important factor in achieving the desirable control - the influence of the canal characteristics on controllability.   This paper will not provide a simple, definitive, and universal formula to predict controllability.  However, it will present the problem, along with options which are available to examine the problem further on individual design cases.


Burt, C.M., T.S. Strelkoff, and J.L. Deltour. 1995. Response of Controlled Canals to Downstream Withdrawals. Presented at IA Technical Conference. Phoenix, Arizona. Nov. 12-14. Pg 169-173. 4 pp.

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