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ITRC Paper No. P 11-010.  Sierra Orvis Layous, Charles M. Burt, and L. Perez Urrestarazu

Characteristics of Pump Performance in Major Irrigated Areas of California

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Well pump tests (12,876) in three Central California groundwater basins were characterized and described according to their spatial distribution.  The average overall pumping plant efficiency (wire-water, not including column losses and velocity head) was about 56%.  Characteristics such as drawdown, total dynamic heads, kW, and flow rate vary greatly between pumps within and between sub-basins.  This is the first well pump characterization of its type in California, although irrigation pump tests have been conducted for over 70 years in California.  This paper provides a summary of the spatial variation of well pump performance and characteristics.


Orvis, S.A., C.M. Burt, and L. Perez Urrestarazu. 2011. Characteristics of Pump Performance in Major Irrigated Areas of California. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Irrigation and Drainage. United States Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (USCID). Nov. 15-18, 2011. San Diego, CA. 15 pp.

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