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Modern Water Control and Management Practices in Irrigation: Methodology and Criteria for Evaluating the Impact on Performance





ITRC Report No.

P 06-001



23 pages



Charles M. Burt



Proceedings of the Expert Consultation on Modernization of Irrigation Schemes: Past Experiences and Future Options. Bangkok, Thailand. 26-29, November. Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.






Modernization of irrigation projects results in an improved level of service to the ultimate users, the farmers.  All modernization programs should contain: an evaluation of the present status of the project, including a description of the quality of water delivery service which is provided; realization by all project parties (from top management down to the lowest level operators) that the purpose of an irrigation project is to provide good water delivery service; an understanding by engineers of the important principles of water control structures and strategies, as they can be applied to providing better water delivery service, and; deliberate implementation of modernization in steps which can be evaluated and corrected.



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