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ITRC Paper No. P 02-004.  Frederick F. Schantz, Stuart W. Styles, Beau J. Freeman, Charles M. Burt, and Douglas Stevens

Modernizing Irrigation Facilities at Sutter Mutual Water Company — A Case Study

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In 1999 Sutter Mutual Water Company (SMWC) began an effort to modernize its water-distribution system in an attempt to reduce operation and maintenance costs and conserve water and power resources.  The effort encompassed two projects within the company's service area: (1) the automation of a pumping plant with a new VFD pump and SCADA system and (2) the demonstration of new SCADA-compatible electronic flow measurement technologies for both canals and pipelines.  The anticipated, and ultimately realized, benefits of the modernization effort was a savings to the company due to a reduction in the amount of water diverted, power consumed and number of personnel required to operate and maintain its system.


Schantz, F.F., S.W. Styles, B.J. Freeman, C.M. Burt, and D. Stevens. 2002.┬áModernizing Irrigation Facilities at Sutter Mutual Water Company — A Case Study.┬áPresented at July 9-12, 2002 USCID conference on Energy, Climate, Environment and Water - Issues and Opportunities for Irrigation and Drainage. San Luis Obispo, CA. 18 pp.

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