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:: Charles M. Burt ::

Charles M. Burt

Chairman of the Board, ITRC

Office: BRAE 08A-022B
Phone: 805-756-2379
Fax: 805-756-2433

  Ph.D., P.E., CID

  • Author or co-author of 120 articles and study guides, related to on-farm irrigation, canal modernization, and efficiency (See below for a partial list of publications).
  • First chairman of the IA Certification Board.
  • Extensive field and design experience in drip, sprinkler, and surface.
  • Extensive field and theoretical experience in canal / pipeline / pump modernization.
  • Work experience in 26 countries.
  • Registered Civil Engineer and Agricultural Engineer, California.
  • Registered Professional Engineer, Utah.
  • Person of the Year (1997) - The Irrigation Association.
  • Person of the Year (2000) - California Irrigation Institute.


   Retired Professor, BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Department



  • B.S., Soil Science, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • M.S., Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Utah State University, Logan, UT
  • Ph.D., Engineering, Utah State University, Logan, UT


  Teaches the following University irrigation classes:

  • BRAE 331 Irrigation Theory
  • BRAE 532 Wells and Pumps
  • BRAE 533 Irrigation Project Design
  • BRAE 438 Drip Irrigation
  • BRAE 414 Irrigation Engineering
  • BRAE 440 Agricultural Irrigation Systems
  • BRAE 405 Chemigation


   Examples of publications by Dr. Charles Burt:

  • Burt, C.M., G. Stringham and D. James. 1976. Increasing Yields on Recently Graded Land Through Proper Phosphate Fertilization. Utah Science. Reprinted in Nov/Dec 1976 issue of Irrigation Age.

  • Burt, C.M. and J. Keller. 1976. Very Low Pressure Sprinkler Irrigation. ASAE Paper No. 76-2517. , and Utah State University 2111(d)-12 bulletin. Dept. of Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering.

  • Merriam, J., Shearer and C.M. Burt. 1980. Evaluating Irrigation Systems and Practices. Chapter 17 in the ASAE Monograph No. 3. M.E. Jensen, editor. Pp. 721-762.

  • Burt, C.M. and J. Lord. 1981. Demand Theory and Application in Irrigation District Water Delivery. Proceedings of the ASAE Specialty Conference on Irrigation Scheduling, held at Chicago, Ill.

  • Burt, C.M. 1983. Regulation of Sloping Canals by Downstream Regulation Control. ASAE Paper No. 83-2582. Presented at the winter meeting of ASAE in Chicago, Ill.

  • Burt, C.M., R. Walker and S. Styles. 1992. Irrigation System Evaluation Manual - rev 1992. A comprehensive, documented software package for evaluation of agricultural irrigation systems. Funded by the OWC, Calif. DWR. Pub. by ITRC, Dept. of Agricultural Engineering, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Calif.

  • Burt, C.M. and G. Gartrell. 1993. Irrigation Canal - Simulation Model Usage. 1993. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. 119 (4):631-636.

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  • Burt, C.M. 1995. Guidelines for Establishing Irrigation Scheduling Policies. Theme V: Interaction Between Water Delivery and Irrigation Scheduling. ICID/FAO Workshop on Irrigation Scheduling: From Theory to Practice. Sept. 12-13. Rome, Italy.

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  • Burt, C.M., R. Mills, R. Khalsa, and V. Ruiz. 1998. Improved Proportional-Integral (PI) Logic for Canal Automation. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering.

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