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At ITRC, we have developed a new approach to our educational programs with the creation of hybrid virtual/hands-on irrigation courses.  We offer both 100% online and 50-50 hybrid courses that combine web-based teaching with short-duration, hands-on laboratories at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.Our online courses combine the resources of online training videos, tutorials, reading material, and interactive assignments.  This new setting allows participants to access the theoretical materials for each subject from home and at their convenience before participating in the on-site field workshops. We currently offer a variety of online and hybrid course series:


ITRC 240

Drip Micro Evaluations Flow Measurement

Landscape System Design Landscape Auditor


More information about both of these courses is available under our classes link.  For dates of currently scheduled classes, please check our calendar


These courses have been made possible by our generous sponsors: 

  • Drip/Micro Evaluations: Sponsored by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), and Fred and Ginny Hamisch
  • Flow Measurement: Sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Fred and Ginny Hamisch
  • Landscape Irrigation: Sponsored by the Irrigation Association, California Department of Water Resources (DWR), and Fred and Ginny Hamisch



Classic Instructional Videos

Click on the images below to view two of our older instructional videos: 

General Filtration Video

Media Tanks: A Basic Overview

iPhone and iPad users: Click here for compatible video
For updated information on Sand Media Filters, please see: ITRC Report No. R 10-001: Hydraulics of Commercial Sand Media Filter Tanks used for Agricultural Drip Irrigation

Drip and Microirrigation Filtration Video Drip and Microirrigation Filtration


Please note:  These videos are large (approx. 69 MB each), so the downloading time may be long for slow or dial-up connections.  Additionally, Adobe Flash Player is required to view these videos.  If you do not already have Flash installed on your system, please click on the icon to the left or click here to download a free version of the player.