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:: Irrigation District School of Irrigation ::

Sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation - Mid-Pacific Region.


Charles Burt, Ph.D., P.E., CID and Stuart Styles, Dr.Engr., P.E., CID. Cal Poly ITRC is providing a series of training and educational opportunities for staff, field operators, engineers, and board members of agricultural irrigation/water districts. The classes utilize the excellent indoor and outdoor facilities at ITRC.


*Fee: $30/person/day - all U.S. irrigation districts
$150/person/day - participants from outside the U.S.
** Priority Registration is given to districts in the Mid-Pacific Region
** Please contact ITRC for waiting list information for classes marked "full"


Two ways to register!



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By Mail/Fax

Print out and mail or fax the registration form.

ITRC does not accept credit card payments via fax; to pay using a credit card, please register online or call (805) 756-2434













All fees include class materials and software.

Flow Measurement - General and Pipelines     Winter 2018
$30 ($150 int'l)

Principles of flow measurement for open and closed systems; common measurement devices - propeller, velocity head, venturi, metergate; how to take accurate readings; what to watch out for.

Flow Measurement - Canals     Winter 2018
$30 ($150 int'l)

Equations for canals; weirs and flumes; corrections for common problems; current metering.

Canal Operation     Winter 2018
$30 (150 int'l)

The service concept, including farmer constraints and needs; purposes of different check structures; water level vs. flow rate control; minimizing tailender problem while still achieving good service; how to get more water through various structures; introduction to SCADA; interaction between canals and turnouts.